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In Beijing No. 2: 家书抵万金 (jiā shū dǐ wàn jīn)

Chinese has an ancient poem that goes 家书抵万金 (jiā shū dǐ wàn jīn). It means that a letter from home is worth ten thousand gold. 家书抵万金

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Contemporary China No. 1: Healthcare

OK, so I finally feel experienced enough with the healthcare system in China to write about it. I got sick, Alex's stomach had fire inside of it, I got sick again, Kelsey hurt her abdomen; we have now experienced a fair amount of healthcare. Each of our experiences was wildly different and if I had to sum up

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In Beijing No. 1: 生病了(shēng bìng le)

As you may or may not know, the name of the capital city of the People's Republic of China, 北京(běi jīng) is composed of two characters. The first, 北(běi), means North. The second, 京(jīng), means capital. As such, Beijing could be called the Northern capital. It is thus named to distinguish it from

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